Friday, November 20, 2009

Yay, Baby Update!

This is Baby Hill- no gender is known yet (unless someone reading this can see it and I can't). We should find out what it is in January or February. This is our baby's first picture- taken at 10 weeks, 0 days. We saw hiccuping and spontaneous movement. For those not used to seeing an ultrasound, there is a darker oval shape in the middle of the photo, the head is the white on the left inside the oval, the body curves to the right from there, with a nub for a right arm visible, and a circle from the bottom of the baby making the right foot (we assume). It is a profile shot.

These two photos were taken at 11weeks, 4days and I performed the abdominal ultrasound myself. Doc was out of town and as Dave said it: While the Doctor's away, the Nurses will play! This active lil one jumped from side to side on my uterus like a trampoline. It is very active! However, when Dave and I were watching it, there would be periods when it would stop and rest... what did I do? I gave a really loud HA! and the baby sprang right back into life! It responds to me! YAY!

This is showing the head on the right side and the lighter white circles are all four arms and legs! We see strong heartbeats and it's mouth moving, arms and legs waving, spinal curling and extension- wow! In this one, you can actually see the lens of the eye, as indicated by the lighter formed circles in the eye sockets that are dark. The nasal and oral structures are also apparent!

This lime is what says a 12 week old fetus should measure up to. It is about a 1/2 ounce weight, and over 2 inces long from crown of head to base of rump. What a big baby! My weeks rotate every Thursday, in case you were curious!
Not an ultrasound, but this is what we all look like today- my belly just looks fat to those who don't already know I'm pregnant, so it's not so cute. Dave likes it though- he'll stop me at various times and stare at my belly and say "Awww! Look at you, Lil' Momma!" and then get a little misty eyed and hug me. I love that.
We are a Happy Family!


  1. Loved the pictures! Your baby is so cute :) Ahh brings back memories.......How are you feeling? any sickness? Can't wait to see you and your preggy belly!

  2. Wow! Both of my babies were that active in the womb, we never got a good face picture of either of them cuz they were so crazy! I'm so glad everything looks good for now! I love you!