Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Always Something New!

So I know I've been slacking on the September post- and like I do in my journal, I always promise to do better next time. In reality, I just do it when I do actually catch a moment in time and when I'm thinking about it. Those two things don't always happen simultaneously, hence the slackage!

September was lots of fun and I will try to post pictures later (I'm at work right now waiting for the day to start rolling). We started off with a visit from family and friends when Alisha moved up to Idaho to begin her growing up as a college student. Mom, Alisha, McKenzie, and our friend Sara came and enjoyed the beauties of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. We travelled to Yellowstone National Park and enjoyed watching The Secret Garden at the Playmill, then to Jackson Hole for some good entertainment and food at the Bar J Wranglers. It was sure good to have everyone here and we all appreciate very much the generosity and love that our wonderful parents always share with us.

I also had a birthday shout HOORAY! I turned 22 on Sept 12th and had a great time spending the evening celebrating the engagement of a dear friend, and then some fine dining at Texas Roadhouse Grill with the Paul and Pymm families, Steven, Alisha, and Carly Schneider, and of course my wonderful husband, Dave.

The rest of the month was filled with beginning a new nursing job at a doctors office as well as working at Women's Center at EIRMC, getting a new calling as Primary President, and trying to stay afloat in my nursing class for my Bachelors. Dave has been desparately seeking employment and could really use your prayers on his behalf.

We saw the generosity of good people one Saturday as we were invited to pick as many red and russet potatoes as we wanted on the Foster's farm. When they are finished with their harvest and have an excess, they open it up to the community to share the bounty. Hundreds of people and families were out gathering their potatoes for their years supply at no cost. The Foster's even dug them up for everyone. I learned what it means to obtain food by the sweat of my brow. I felt like I'd truly had an "Idaho experience". We spent that afternoon picking tomatoes and cucumbers with Bernice (Grandma) Hill and Merlin (Grandpa) let us take a spin on his 4 wheeler- way fun! Dave was even nice enough to let me drive it most of the time.

Blessings have been poured out on our family. Dave and I are both healthy and happy. We are learning and growing as individuals and as a couple and we are enjoying it. We are learning gospel truths it seems every day, that the Lord puts us through famine so we can be grateful for the feasts in our lives. We are enjoying many feasts these days, and we continue to endure our famines in faith. The Lord has always been there to support us and give aid, without exception. Always.

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