Friday, January 22, 2010


It's a GIRL!!!! We tried another ultrasound and doc confirmed that it's going to be a baby girl! Dave and I are so excited! We don't have a great picture of it, but we checked and checked and triple checked and the three lines came up every time. Now, I know- there are three lines that indicate umbilical cord too, BUT as the Doc said, "Its either female parts or cord but it's definitely not a boy! If it is, he should be embarassed!" So I told this lil Guida inside me she's grounded if she comes out a boy and surprises us all!

The instruction is now to save the tags on whatever we buy for her... Just In Case!

Dave and I are once again excited to announce that we are an auntie and an uncle! Brian and Ashley Hill had their baby boy on Thursday Jan 21st at 6:24 pm and he is 5lbs, 10oz and I think 17 inches long. He definitely has characteristics of mom and dad and has decided to take the quiet route for now (he doesn't cry much). He is very sweet! We are so happy to welcome him to our family!

In the meantime...
Dave is doing the school thing and could use any prayers you can offer to stay on top of his work and understand his new major's subjects, and he continues to work for BYU-I. I am doing the work thing, still doing two RN jobs and getting closer every month to paying off some of these stinking bills! Ay the responsibility of adulthood! My belly is getting bigger and almost to the point that I can take pictures of it and not look simply fat. Dave likes to oggle it every once in a while and he swears "it wasn't that big yesterday!" Haha, its a good thing I'm pregnant otherwise I'd have to whack him!

We love you all and are excited to share this eventful life with those we love! OH! NAMES!!!
Ok, well we are debating between two names for this lil girlie inside me:
Aislynn Renee (like Face, or Ace-Lynn) or Alexis Paloma (Paloma is the Spanish word for dove).
It might come down to picking it out after she is born to see which fits her best because they're both favorites and we can't decide yet. Wish us luck!

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  1. Yeah! I am so excited we are both having girls! They are going to be best of friends! I think the names you have chosen are so cute! Happy Waiting!