Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Time No See

Haha, so if the only way you ever received updates about my life was via the blog, you are probably wondering how long can a person possibly be pregnant, and you probably didn't hear I had a baby with extra parts. So to clear the confusion- I have a (very cute*) little 7 and a half month old boy.... not named Alexis. His name is Bentley and as with most babies, he learns new tricks about every week. This week we are discovering the world from the viewpoint on all fours! Although, so far he's more prone to use his tip toes instead of his knees. There is no forward motions as of yet, but he does freeze in amazement at his accomplishment, and then promptly cry because of his frustration.
So the rest of the update: we are living in California!!! I really really don't know why it took so long, but we finally said to-heck with the cold and joined the rest of the wise in the warmth. Ahh, it is lovely! Again, I am amazed with how long we actually stayed in Idaho. Well, you know, we gave it a hearty shot. We tried to make it there, but you can only endure so much abuse from the weather and your employers before you are driven out by your basic need to survive. So in our pursuit of happiness, we have found a place just like home (well actually it is home) in my parents house- yep back to the roots, and we are getting cozy! Haha, we have had to make many adjustments, as have my family members, but in order to save for a place of our own, we must do what we must. We love my parents for their patience and kindness.
I finally have had my stars align, and since Jesus loves me, I now have (almost) everything I could ask in a nursing job! Benefits, a reliable schedule, a place in the call rotation, my coworkers love me, I can really go on and on. I only say almost because Med Surg (although it has many benefits) is not my ending destination. So after my experience here, perhaps I can settle in OB somewhere. For now, I am super happy with the blessings that have been showered on me.
They don't stop there though, Dave also has employment! Sears has hired him to the automotive department! He has a good job there, and good people to work with. It is so nice to have the peace of mind that employment can bring. We have been on both sides, and for sure I am grateful for work! As far as big picture goes, Dave is looking forward to (hopefully) attending Cal Poly so that he can really get deep into the Electrical Engineering carreer path!
We are learning that really no one wants to hear about us, but that Bentley is the topic of interest, so we will refocus on him. He is learning to sleep through the night, at least we think so. Rather, we are learning to let him cry so that eventually he can sleep through the night. Not as easy as it sounds. But someone said Bentley had me wipped, and I thought Oh HECK no! I'm the mom!! So from then on, we make sure he is safe, then put in the earplugs! Its been nice! And he still loves us in the morning, so it must be ok! He makes us laugh with all his reactions to the whole new world of pureed foods full of new textures and flavors. He just loves it! So much he is really frustrated when we don't replace the food filled spoon fast enough! He has somewhere picked up the head shake, so he is constantly telling us no, although it doesn't fit the situations. So we are working on the yes nod. So far, he just stops in serious contemplation and then focuses on something easier.
He can professionally roll front to back and back to front now, so he is no longer safe ever and now requires more diligent monitoring. He can also proficiently place his binki in his mouth and hold his own bottle. And he can pick up a cheerio with either hand and then shove his fist inside his mouth and hope to catch it. Sometimes it works. He's got the cutest nose scrunch but we can't tell what he does it for yet, and he's got the most serious of furrows to his brow. He's a rather serious kid (go figure) but he will on occasion bless us with a giggle, and then we all work really hard to look as rediculous as we can to entice another giggle out of him. It's also very fun to just watch each other in this process. The other thing he is amazing at is the poop face. He cracks us up. Again- so serious! Dang that boy can stink up a room though! Whew! Our son is so impressive. We are totally taking advantage of letting him know that he is the cutest son we've ever had. We know that will have to stop at some point, but for now it is true and we are totally allowed to say so! Dave is still the best husband I've ever had too. I will always be able to say that.
I don't have the opportunity to put pictures on this one right now, but my facebook does have some new photos if you're interested. Anyway, till we meet again- sorry it's been so long. I can't promise any time frame on the next one either. Love you all, dear family and friends!

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  1. Bentley sounds just so cute! :) Wish you were a little closer so we could actually meet him... someday! April and him are doing some of the same things - I'm sure they could be buddies! Glad to hear about both of your jobs though - that is great! :)